Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Reimagine Healing, Rediscover Hope

Innovative Mental Health Treatment

Milestone Recovery is pioneering the integration of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy into traditional therapeutic practices. This approach combines ketamine’s rapid antidepressant properties with psychotherapy to tackle deep-seated emotional pain and complex psychological conditions, offering new hope for those who have found traditional methods ineffective.

Expert Care & Compassionate Support

At Milestone Recovery, our medical professionals and therapists are experts in their fields, dedicated to providing a safe, supportive environment for your healing journey. We are committed to using evidence-based treatments and are at the forefront of adopting innovative therapies that promote profound, long-lasting recovery.

How Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Works

Initial Consultation

Our treatment begins with a thorough assessment to determine suitability for ketamine therapy.

Treatment Integration

Ketamine is administered in controlled, therapeutic settings, and closely monitored by our healthcare professionals.


Sessions of psychotherapy coincide with ketamine treatments to enhance healing and provide comprehensive support.

Ongoing Evaluation

Continuous assessments help tailor the treatment to individual progress and needs.

What is Ketamine-Assisted Therapy?

Ketamine-assisted therapy is an evidence-based treatment that combines the use of ketamine, a powerful medication with rapid-acting antidepressant effects, with psychotherapy. This integrative approach aims to catalyze profound therapeutic breakthroughs and promote long-term healing in individuals suffering from conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and certain addiction disorders.

How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine operates differently from traditional antidepressants. It targets the NMDA receptors in the brain, promoting the release of neurotransmitters that help forge new neural pathways. This process, often referred to as "neuroplasticity," enables patients to break free from the negative thought patterns and behaviors associated with their conditions. When combined with psychotherapy, ketamine provides a unique opportunity for patients to explore and resolve deep-rooted emotional issues, facilitating a profound and lasting healing process.

Why choose Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for Treatment?

Our Ketamine-Assisted Therapy is customized for each patient's unique mental health needs, enhancing the development of new, healthier thought patterns through neuroplasticity. Patients receive ongoing support from our multidisciplinary team throughout their treatment, ensuring comprehensive care that aims for both immediate and lasting recovery. This integrated approach is focused on maximizing therapeutic benefits and promoting long-term mental health improvement.

Rapid Symptom Relief

Ketamine can provide relief from depressive symptoms within hours, compared to the weeks or months traditional antidepressants may take.

Psychotherapy Outcomes

By inducting altered states of consciousness under the supervision of professionals, ketamine allows for more effective psychotherapeutic interventions.


For individuals who have not found relief through traditional treatments, ketamine offers a promising alternative.

What is Esketamine - Brand Name Spravato?

Spravato is a groundbreaking therapy that can provide relief from major depression within hours. Made from ketamine, an anesthetic also used to treat depression, esketamine is a more potent version that has earned FDA approval for use as a nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression. Derived from part of the ketamine molecule, esketamine can be used at lower doses with fewer side effects, though it still requires administration in a clinical setting due to potential perception distortion during the first two hours post-treatment.

How is Spravato Administered?

With the nasal spray, patients self-administer three doses, spaced five minutes apart, under the clinician's supervision. They remain in the clinic until potential side effects have passed. Esketamine must be used with a conventional antidepressant, providing rapid relief from depression symptoms until the other medication takes effect. Typically, treatments are given twice a week for the first month and, if successful, continue at a decreased frequency during a maintenance phase, potentially moving to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions based on response.

Esketamine works by increasing levels of glutamate, the brain's most abundant chemical messenger. It impacts more brain cells simultaneously than conventional antidepressants, which work by increasing serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels. This results in esketamine offering rapid relief from depressive symptoms within hours.

Sustained Recovery & Support

At Milestone Recovery, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process that extends beyond initial treatment. Our post-treatment follow-up care is designed to ensure that patients continue to feel supported as they integrate their new insights and healthy behaviors into their daily lives. Recognizing that each patient's journey is unique, we maintain adaptable treatment plans that can be modified based on individual responses and evolving needs. This flexibility allows us to provide truly personalized care that supports long-term wellness.

Ketamine Insurance... What You Should Know.

Spravato, an FDA-approved medication for treatment-resistant depression, is usually covered by most insurance plans. To qualify, patients must have tried at least two antidepressants for a minimum of six weeks each and continue taking an antidepressant during the treatment. In contrast, pure Ketamine therapy is not FDA-approved and is typically cash pay only. Patients often choose Ketamine therapy if they haven't used antidepressants before, found them ineffective, or disliked their side effects.

Health Insurance

Milestone Recovery partners with numerous commercial insurance plans to help cover the cost of treatment. We'll promptly verify your insurance coverage. You may be eligible for treatment at our facilities at a reduced rate.

Private Pay

You can pay for your treatment at Milestone Recovery using credit or debit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. To get an estimate of your costs, please call and speak with our team to discuss.

Transform Your Life with Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Are you or a loved one ready to overcome mental health challenges in a profound and lasting way? Discover the transformative power of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy at Milestone Recovery. Contact us today and take the first step on your journey towards a healthier, more fulfilled life. We are here to support you on your healing journey.


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